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An inefficient dryer means longer drying times and higher energy bills. If your clothes dryer is not performing optimally, or if you simply need annual maintenance or if the heat elements are broken and need replaced, call us. WE are experienced in all dryers and have serviced all major brands, and some not so major. From Maytag, Whirlpool, and Kenmore, to KitchenAid, Amana, and more, we are proud to have satisfied customers for dryer repair services, all across Metro Detroit.

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Common Clothes Dryer Complaints

1. My dryer works but doesn’t heats up.
If your dryer isn’t heating up, then it could be that the thermal fuse is not working due to blocked ventilation or clogged lint screens. It could also happen if you are consistently overloading the dryer.

2. My dryer makes strange noises or is vibrating.
If your dryer is making strange noises, it could have a broken or damaged dryer drum seal. Drum seals wear down over time due to over usage, frequent overloading, or being in touch with foreign objects.

3. My dryer runs, but my clothes aren’t getting dry.
Your dryer may not be drying your clothes due to a broken heating element. This could be due to similar reasons such as poor ventilation or clogged lint screens, and may need to be replaced.

We can help. Just call 248-437-5555 / 248-255-3869 now and ask for Curt or Vince. We promise you’ll be happy with our professional, courteous, timely, and affordable service.

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