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Experts in Appliance Repair in Metro Detroit

A broken disposal can be extremely frustrating. Call us immediately so that we can help diagnose and fix the problem, or replace the garbage disposal if it can’t be fixed. We have experience and expertise in fixing garbage disposals of all major brands. WE have satisfied customers all across Metro Detroit.

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Common Garbage Disposal Complaints

1. My disposal doesn’t turn on and makes no noise.
You may have an electrical problem if the disposal will not turn on and especially since it is NOT making a humming sound.

2. Disposal makes a humming sound but doesn’t work.
Your garbage disposal may have a stuck flywheel due to something being lodged in it or in the disposal’s different parts.

3. My Garbage Disposal leaks.
The most common leak in a garbage disposal happens due to loose parts.

We can help. Just call 248-437-5555 / 248-255-3869 now and ask for Curt or Vince. We promise you’ll be happy with our professional, courteous, timely, and affordable service.

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